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Friday, December 12, 2014

The worst Frozen Beef Patties in the world!

Dear Readers,

I wanted to treat my kids to hamburgers and homemade potato fries, but instead I discovered a terrible beef product, no one should try, ever. I beg you, please do not buy Flanders 8 quarter pound beef patties, even if the meat is on sale. I can't get my money back.

Flanders 8 quarter pound beef patties is terrible. Flanders does not taste like meat at all, or at least, any meat I ever had. Hamburgers served to kids in the cafeteria are better.

This experience reminds me of the episode of Good Times when the Evan's family bought some bad meat and tried to get the store manager to eat the meat, but refused to do so.

I feel the box should read beef substitute because it does not taste like meat. I have had veggie burgers that taste better.

I am thankful my kids tried it, but I will not give the meat to my kids again. I decided to try these patties, instead of believing other product reviews out there. I read one where the reviewer said the food was bad. I now believe her or him.

I am disappointed in myself, as a parent, for tasting the meat before feeding the kids Flanders. I do not recommend this meat.