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Monday, December 29, 2014

The incident that happened 2 days after Christmas

The First Phone Call: 12/27/14 9:12a.m.

Mother: “I was supposed to bring the kids home on Friday, but I will bring them back tonight.”
§         She also pointed out that she does not have my son’s medicine and he has gone two days without medicine.

Me: I told her to “come get his medicine.”

Mother: “I am at work and do not get off until 3pm. Can you bring the medicine to my apartment?”

Me: “My car is broken, and I do not have a ride.”

The Second Phone Call: 12/27/14 3:38 pm

Mother: “Our son broke his tablet.” and the tablet that belonged to her friends’ son. “It is going to cost me $200 for them both. What are we going to do about making sure that this does not happen again?”

Me: “You will get his medicine.”

Mother: She hung up the phone.

The Knock at the Door about an hour later

My son and his mother stood at the door.


Me: “What time will our daughter return home?”

Mother: “She was not ready to return home and was still playing. She will be home tonight.”
§         My daughter was not returned home that night, but two days later.

My text message: 12/27/14 @ 11:18pm

Me: “Where is my daughter? You said when you dropped off my son that you were dropping her off tonight too. I am waiting for her.”

The response Sunday Morning: 12/28/14 @ 6:12 am

Mother: “She is with me, what do you think? She wasn’t ready to go. I will bring her back when I get off.”

Text Message: 12/28/14 @ 8:02 pm

Mother: “I am tired and my tooth is killing me. I just took meds. I will drop her off in the morning on my way to work. It’s raining. Expect her at 6:30 sharp.”

Text Message: 12/29/14 @ 6:10 am

Mother: “We are on the way”

My Final thoughts

She lied twice about bringing our daughter home. The rain has never stopped her from dropping the kids off in the past nor has the cold.

I will discuss how I feel about this matter in the follow up, to this story.

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