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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

30 seconds inside my son's autistic mind series: Tech Savvy

My son has always been good with electronics and electronic devices.

It is hard to explain how, but he can figure out things on his own.

Therefore, I decided to show you what he did to a phone that he was allowed to use.

Today, the individual texted the above message to me because they can not undo what he did to their phone.

This is just sample size of his talent and a showcase of one of his strengths.

He is truly gifted when it comes to technology and electrical devices. 

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Today I helped a friend who was stuck in a situation, get free!

The leg of the bird is stuck on a string, which prevented it from flying away.

I cut the string and the bird flew away.

The End.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Autistic 6-year-old shot 5 times, killed during police pursuit

An innocent boy was killed. I am mad at his father for running from

the police with his 6 year old son in the car. I am also confessed because the police opened fire on the car,

and I wondered if they could have reacted differently. How come they did not ram the car? If it is true that

dad started to back up after driving onto a dead in street? A report stated

that the boy was killed by a bullet in the line of fire. How was the boy in line of fire?

If the dad was in the driver seat then the son was also in the driver seat?

The article also stated that the son had multiple gunshot wounds to head

and chest. Multiple shots to the head and chest, to a six year boy who was a passenger in the car.

6 year boy who was autistic is now dead.

He is dead because his father thought it was a good idea to run from the police and the police thought firing

at the car was the best course of action. This is hurts me more because I live Louisiana and I have a son

who is autistic.

Imagine if the car would have had a sticker that said " child with autism on board".

Please leave a comment below and express your feelings on the topic.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

30 seconds inside my son's autistic mind: Rainbow M&M's

Before he ate his Halloween candy from school, he created the following pattern.
He uttered the words: " Rainbow M&M's".
He also told me that his candy was in his backpack.
Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chef Rimer Cooking Thermometer Product Review

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchanged for a honest review.

The Good

Ladies and Gentlemen the Chef Rimer Cooking Thermometer comes already assembled.
The instructions are easy to read and understand.

The Bad

The thermometer did not come with a temperature guide for cooking meats.

The Awesomeness

The thermometer is easy to use and it works.
The thermometer comes with a nice storage case to put it in.
The thermometer can display both Celsius & Fahrenheit temperatures. 

Final Thoughts

I was excited when I received this product and it did not disappoint.
I used it three times, and it still works fine.
The thermometer met all my expectations and I would highly recommend this product.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Look what I made: Onigiri ( Stuffed Rice Balls)

 I made Onigiri or rice balls for the first time. I made rice 2 balls stuffed with fried eggs, 2 chicken and 1 pickle onigiri. They were very delicious and the pickled rice ball was the best.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

30 seconds inside my son's autistic mind: Exploration

How to explore the neighbor's bedroom?

My son loves to explore new surroundings.
He has an excellent memory and can recall places previous visited.

While visiting a neighbor's apt., my son wanted to look inside the bedroom.
I told him to stay in the living room.
Unfortunately, he was highly motivated and now determined to see what was inside that room.

How can I see what is inside that room, without getting into trouble doing?
Looking back at it now, he quickly thought of a plan and executed it.

My son threw his iPad into the bedroom, so he looked inside the room.
Then he picked up his tablet and returned to the living room.
I was speechless and impressed at how he managed to accomplished his goal.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

30 seconds inside my son's autistic mind: Hamburger Hands

Hamburger Hands

The kids and I played a game of stacking hands.
And during the game, he said " Hamburger Hands".
It is simply amazing how he comes up with these phrases.
Therefore, this game reminded him of an online game he played.
And in the game, he had to build or stack a hamburger.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

30 seconds inside my son's autistic mind: Down Hug

Down Hug

My son loves to get on my back.
Due to his limited word bank, he created the phrase: Down Hug.
Down Hug translated means: daddy get down, so I can get on your back.
Imagine what getting on someone´s back and hugging looks like for his perspective and it does make sense.
His arms are around my neck and when you hug someone, you place your arms around them.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

30 seconds inside my son's autistic mind: Police Ball

My son loves the bouncing balls that lights up.
He noticed that the light inside the ball was the same color as the lights on police cars.
Therefore, he created the term: police ball.

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