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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chef Rimer Cooking Thermometer Product Review

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchanged for a honest review.

The Good

Ladies and Gentlemen the Chef Rimer Cooking Thermometer comes already assembled.
The instructions are easy to read and understand.

The Bad

The thermometer did not come with a temperature guide for cooking meats.

The Awesomeness

The thermometer is easy to use and it works.
The thermometer comes with a nice storage case to put it in.
The thermometer can display both Celsius & Fahrenheit temperatures. 

Final Thoughts

I was excited when I received this product and it did not disappoint.
I used it three times, and it still works fine.
The thermometer met all my expectations and I would highly recommend this product.

@2015 JSmithjr/Couponhustla.