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Friday, December 12, 2014

HOT WHEELS® RC STREET HAWK™ The Good, Bad & Awesome Review

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchanged for a honest review from Buzz-agent.

The Good

Ladies and Gentlemen the Street Hawk comes already assembled.
The instructions are easy to read and understand.
It only needs to charge for 40 mins and then its time to fly.

The Bad

The Street Hawk is made out of Styrofoam and fragile.
The propellers on the wings are very small and can come off.
The wheels are tin and should be use driven on smooth surfaces.
In drive mode, the Street Hawk can not move in reverse.

The Awesomeness

The Street Hawk looks awesome and cool.
The Street Hawk looks like a flying car because it is a flying car.
The Street Hawk's Styrofoam body provides protection from breaking.
Did I mention that it really does fly?

Final Thoughts

All the neighbor kids wanted to see the Street Hawk fly.
My kids loved it and could not trying to make it fly.

My son with autism only enjoys playing video games and electronic devices. However, once he saw the Street Hawk, he could not put it down.

If the Street Hawk can pull my son away from electronic devices then it gets my recommendation.
Buy the Street Hawk! Your kids will love it.

@2014 JSmithjr/The Couponhustla.