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Monday, August 25, 2014

The first two weeks of school

The first two weeks of school was suppose to be an easy and smooth transition. However, it was not

this year for my two kids. My son who has autism came home with a scar on his arm and no one

knew how it got there. I was upset and angry because he can not explain to me what happened and

when I looked to school for an explanation they were loss. I even checked with the bus driver to see if

she knew anything but it was another dead end. Therefore, I told his teacher that from now on please

make sure that he does not come home with any scars and to check him daily.

Next, my little girl, has not adjusted to the demands of second grade. She can not tell me what she

learned or done in class. During the second week, when she started coming home

with homework, it was really difficult for her to understand. Which meant a lot

of hours at the homework table, and a lot of patience was required to help her get it done. Finally on

Thursday after my son's dental appointment, I spoke her sensei, and explained what was going on.

According to her sensei, she did notice that my daughter struggled with a math problem at the board

and has gotten off to a slow start. Lastly, my little girl's hair is also an issue for these couple of weeks.

Her mother did her hair but did not finish it. I had to do the best I could to manage it and literally cover

up the loose ends. I was upset because her mother did not come over and finish the work she

started. Therefore, over the weekend, I asked a family friend to finish the job her mother neglected.

I can not to see the finished product. I hope the next upcoming weeks are much better but I fear

that things will harder.

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