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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bedtime Dance Party Featuring Ed Sheeran (1-15-15)

My kids finished saying their prayers, and I did not feel like reading a bedtime story tonight.

Instead, I decided to play music videos on YouTube.

The first video I played was: Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Hobbit Soundtrack)

This is a beautiful song, with a smooth melody, calming vocals, and great for a relaxing mood.
However, I got no reaction from the kids at all, so I decided to play another Ed Sheeran song.

The second video I played was: Ed Sheeran featuring Pharrell Williams - "Sing"

As the song played, I started to sing the lyrics that were appropriate for kids to sing along with me.

Next, I stood up and danced because I wanted the kids to focus on me and not the video due to some

adult content. (Nightclub scene) The kids loved this song or loved my dancing and singing and before

I knew it, they were up and dancing with me. The three of us, was having an impromptu bedtime

dance party together as a family. We were having fun! Once video ended, each of them received a hug

and kiss, and I told them goodnight.

What have I done? I wonder if the kids will request another Bedtime Dance Party.

Disclaimer: "I see the fire" video contains scenes that might not be suited for all kids, such as: fire burning objects, a dragon, creatures and etc. "Sing" video contains scenes that might not be suited for all kids, such as: adults at a nightclub, alcohol and etc.

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